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At Forest Hills Veterinary Clinic, you can trust that your pets are in great hands. We provide a variety of services to help keep your pets happy & healthy. Learn more about our services below.

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Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Care

The annual wellness exam for your cat or dog is a veterinary ‘check-up.’ Wellness checks, sometimes known as pet checkups, are scheduled once or twice a year when your pet appears to be in good health. These exams are an excellent method to assist your pet in achieving optimal health by concentrating on disease prevention and early detection.

Pet Vaccinations

At your pet’s wellness exam, annual immunizations will be administered according to your pet’s vaccination schedule. Vaccinations for puppies and kittens, as well as booster vaccinations for older dogs and cats, are critical to ensuring that your pet lives a long and happy life. Vaccinating your pet regularly throughout their lives will assist in protecting them from a variety of dangerous, potentially fatal diseases and ailments.

Pet Dental Care

Dental health is a crucial element of your pet’s overall health, and dental problems can lead to or exacerbate other health issues. Your veterinarian should examine your pet’s teeth and gums at least once a year to look for early signs of a problem and to keep your pet’s mouth healthy. Cleaning, adjustment, filing, extraction, or repair of your pet’s teeth, as well as many other areas of oral health care, are all part of Forest Hills Veterinary Clinic‘s dental care services.

Pet Surgery

Forest Hills Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of surgical services for dogs and cats, ranging from standard spays and neuters to mass removal surgery. Because safety is always our main priority, we do a thorough inspection and pre-anesthesia testing before each surgery. We will keep a close eye on your pet during the procedure to ensure their safety. After that, you’ll be given detailed aftercare instructions, and we’ll gladly address any questions or concerns you may have.

Senior Pet Care

Geriatric pets should have semi-annual veterinary checkups rather than annual visits to detect and treat signs of disease or other problems early. Senior pet checkups are comparable to those for younger pets, but they are more thorough, and they may involve dental treatment, bloodwork, and particular checks for physical symptoms of diseases that are more common in senior animals.

Health Certificates

If you’re taking your pet out of state or out of the country, they’ll need a pet health certificate to be accepted at their destination. Each destination may have slightly different cat and dog travel regulations, so do your homework to determine your destination’s specific requirements. The USDA’s APHIS website is a wonderful place to start your study. Our veterinarians are USDA qualified to issue your pet’s health certificate for domestic or foreign travel.

Technician Appointments

Techs can help your pet get up to date on vaccine boosters, provide nail trims, anal gland expressions, and more! Please give our office a call to determine if your pet needs to have a visit with a veterinarian or if a tech appointment is all you need. (We do these services for our clients only.)


  • Nail trims
  • Anal glands
  • Routine bloodwork